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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
I don't buy the stat that 5% see the track and I would love to know where you got that stat. In the city where I live, at least 30% to 40% of the M3s see somewhat regular track time (there are only about 9 or 10 e92 M3's and three or four are regularly at the HPDE's).

But, IMO, my point still stands. ANY car faster than an M3, even on public roads, is pure pissing contest material. The M3 is a silly fast car on public roads... are there faster cars? Absolutely. My thought is so what. For me personally (not for everyone), I would take the driving dynamics and fun of an M3 or 911 C2S over a faster Merc anyday of the week. That is obviously personal preference. Don't get me wrong, I love most of the AMGs out there and absolutely respect them but the fact they might be faster in a straight line is irrelevant to me. I don't race on public streets (pissing contest), I don't race on highways (pissing contest) but I DO drive aggressively on back roads, on/off ramps and the track. This is where the balance and dynamics of the M3 is better than any Merc is its price range for me. If I wasn't driving an m3 it would be a C2S or Cayman R for the very same reason. It's an M3 today because I need a level of practicality too... someday when I don't (kids grown), I will get myself a C2S or GTS.

jesus christ, he asked which is faster. Not for an essay.