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My Evolve Stage I Review - Part II

Hi Folks,

I thought I'd post up a follow up to my original review of the Evolve Stage I DME flash for which I was one of the first customers in the US.

The original tune involved rolling back to a tuner unprotected DME(140E). Overall I was very happy with the tune however rolling back to an older version caused a few quirks to pop up from time to time which slightly annoyed me. However I knew it was only a matter of time before Sal worked his magic and came out with an update.

Well, as luck would have it, I got the opportunity to be the first in the US to install Evolve’s revised Stage I DME tune that works directly on a tuner protected DME such as mine (190E) with no need to roll back to an older DME version.

My Car:
I have a E92 with only two perf. upgrades so far – a Macht Schnell underdrive pulley and a BMW air filter.

The Install and Benefits:
Evolve comes as cable (and software) that connects to your OBD-II port located next to the hood lever under the steering wheel. The other end of the cable goes into a USB port on your laptop on which you install the Evolve software. This solution allows you to do load and rollback tunes yourself without going back to a tuning shop repeatedly.

My first step was to reinstall my 190E file (I had a backup of this from my first evolve install). Once done, installing the new tune was super simple and completed in an astounding 4 minutes!!

My Overall Feedback on the Tune:
After the required few miles of adaption that the DME goes through with a new tune, I’m happy to say that the tune is awesome! The car pulls harder from down low and I can definitely feel a difference. Yes yes, I don’t have a before / after dyno to compare but I’m happy – and felt a difference! Also, idle is smoother and better now.

Evolve Customer Service:
Companies like Evolve are rare. People like Sal are rarer still. I can almost say Sal is a super-human! He works tirelessly and almost never sleeps – and just kept working with me until I was satisfied. There’s lots of companies out there that say Customer Satisfaction is #1 for them. I feel like Evolve is the first company I have interacted with that truly epitomizes this principle. They are exceptional!

Overall I am very happy with Evolve and would highly recommend this tune!

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