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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I never had any evo keep up with me on any back road, at the track or in a straight (and that was in my 2006 Cayman S, newer ones are much faster in all respects). Not a stock one at least.

And here, confirmation of that.

Evo got spanked by 5 seconds at VIR and is significantly slower in a straight.
Not many cars can corner like a Cayman can and an Evo certainly cannot or else it wouldnt have be giving up 5 seconds to the Cayman S on a relatively 'fast' track.
In my experience, I have yet to have any Cayman S keep up to me on the track in either a straight or cornering. I will say my car was not stock. But it has mods that you can count on one hand and cost less than $3000 total. RE11 tires, HKS coilovers and a reflash is all that is necessary for 380hp and some very fast cornering speeds. 10 years of track experience also helps a bit.

The Evo really shows its strength when modified. But even the stock car is really fast. In this review, it killed the 911 Carrera, Lotus Elise SC on the mountain roads.

As it sits, it flat spanked the $85,000 Porsche and walked all over the little Lotus.

With its stability control switched off and its Super Active Yaw Control precisely directing drive to the appropriate contact patch, the Evo found itself 2nd only to the GT-R in the fastest segment on the mountain road. Its peak speed through this section of road was 1.5 mph faster than the R8. There's more confidence here through fast transitions than in any other car.
Jeremy Clarkson praises the Evo on backroads again. Saying an F430 can not shake it. He goes so far as to BUY an Evo because he liked it so much.

Then there’s the speed. Yes, a Ferrari 430 is full of brio and passion but get an Evo X on your tail and I guarantee that, unless it’s being driven by a complete spanner, you will not be able to shake it off.
It’ll serve as a constant reminder of what cars can, and should, be like.
Verdict: Eye-wateringly brilliant
Once you modify it with some bolt-ons, then everything goes out the window. GT-Rs are fair game.

In the C&D Lightning lap, it is within 1 second of the Cayman S, hardly a big difference on a huge 3 minute course at VIR.

But then we are kinda going OT here...

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