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Originally Posted by 884487 View Post
I debated Studless (Nokian Hakka R or Michelin X-ice) vs Perf winter (Blizzack LM-60) and decided to go with the LM-60s. My reasons, I am pretty confident in the snow and ice (Ice raced for years, drive with stability control off in winter) and would rather give up some snow/ice performance for crisper handling in the dry. For a perf winter, the LM60 leans more to snow/ice traction, less dry traction then the other perf winter tires.
Where abouts in Canada do you live? Are the cleared roads mostly dry or icy? I'm thinking about going with the Hakkapalitas because here in Prince Albert we have alot of roads that don't get cleared well for weeks at a time. Some of the main roads get cleared within 2 days of a snowfall, but even then they can have ice at the intersections for weeks at a time. If we get a cold snap where the temp sticks below -20C for a week or two the roads get really slick as even the salt doesn't work. The residential roads only get cleared once or twice a year so they have packed snow and/or ice for the majority of winter. That's why I'm thinking that a really good snow/ice tire may be better for me than a performance winter. I'm not fully decided though.

The Hakkapalita's come in 245/40-18 or 255/45-18. The 245 will be about 2/3 of an inch too small and the 255 will be about 2/3 of an inch too big. If the 255 will fit I'm thinking more sidewall is likely better for extra clearance, but I've heard the M3 doesn't tolerate the extra height well so that's why I wouldn't to get other's opinions.