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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
My touch up paint does not show. No one notices it but me because I remember every spot I've ever touched up (maybe 4 small chips since I've owned the car), and even if I point it out to friends they can barely tell anything even happened. Most of them say, "Are you sure that's the right spot?"

I understand each of us will defend to the death our choice, especially since you spent so much money on yours. And when I replace the bumper with a euro bumper one day, maybe I will clear bra it. I think the majority of people who have claimed their bras yellowed have had it for much longer than a year, but I'd have to do research on the topic to find those posts.

The truth is, the bras can and do yellow. Whether it will happen sooner or later is up to you.
My point wasn't to defend my purchase, as it makes no difference to me as it's not a lot of money, it's for my own piece of mind.

The film is under warranty like someone else mentioned, and if properly cared for, will not yellow. If the films you see are yellowing, someone is not taking care of it the right way. The same way if paint is not cared for, it will begin to look dull and fade. Yes, paint is more resilient against time, but if not cared for, will not look as good as new.

I see some 2010 or 2011 M3's sometimes that look as bad as a car from 2002-2003, and sometimes I see much older cars look like its only a year or two old. It really depends on how its cared for, where the car is parked, who is doing the care on the car and film and what products are being used.

From a personal view, anytime I see a car that has been touched up, I can see it from a few feet away rather quickly. I am very good at spotting defects, knowing what panels have been refinished or not and so on. Again, this is one of those things that it depends on who you are asking to judge the condition of the car.

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