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Thumbs up BMW E92 M3 Reigns Over C63 AMG Coupe in Latest Reviews

BMW E92 M3 Reigns Over C63 AMG Coupe in Latest Reviews
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Some say the BMW M3 is beginning to show its age, especially considering the all-new F30 3-series has already been spotted in testing. As far as performance is concerned however, the E92 M3 coupe continues to impress and dispose of even recently introduced competition, such as the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe. Many pegged the C63 AMG coupe to give the M3 a run for its money, if not overtake it. Remarkably however, both AMS and Autobild recently ran comparisons between the two super coupes and came to the same conclusion: The M3 still is the better car.

Per Autobild, the "M3 won as it's sportier and produces more fun", or as AMS puts it, "afterall it's the level of maturity which makes the M3 the better car".

AMS and Autobild didn't came to the same conclusion regarding ride comfort however. While AMS considered the M3 more compliant, Autobild had it the other way around. We assume that the mags received different C63 models to evaluate.

We've translated the most interesting quotes for you below and included some photos and a video from Autobild in German. Head over to AMS and Autobild for the full reviews in German.

AMS Review

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While the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe is able to put the power down as long as the roads are smooth, its suspension and traction aren't up to the task on lesser roads. Experienced drivers avoid the fun-killing traction control from interfering by switch to ESP Sport Mode and handling the tail-happy behavior manually. Approach the next turn quickly and there's too much understeer while the heavy engine shows during slalom performance. The heavy sunroof surely doesn't help in that regard either.

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No matter what task the BMW M3 Coupe is given it's more agile. The slalom performance is effortless, the turn-in crisp and direct while providing good feedback. Its standard limited slip differential allows the M3 to put the power down perfectly. The engine seemingly revs without friction and makes up for the power disadvantage by delivering explosively - while producing an amazing race car noise. A perfect match is the double clutch transmission and its menacingly-fast gear changes in manual mode.

Despite its similarity to a race engine, the 4.0l V8 now even has an auto start/stop system and consumes less than the C63 Coupe: roughly half a litre less per 100km.

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A comparison on country roads shows: A slightly worse driver in the M3 can keep up with the Merc driven by an expert driver. Make both change cars and the M3 pulls away -- despite being the older car as the lack of certain driving assist features shows. After all it's the level of maturity which makes the M3 the better car.

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1. BMW E92 M3 ZCP - 499 points

Being more comfortable yet better performing is rare - but the M3 does the trick due to its adaptive suspension [meant: dampers]. It also consumes less fuel, is cheaper, and offers more space.

2. Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupé Performance-Paket - 471 points

The AMG rides firm without producing any handling benefit. The C63 Coupe is too heavy, too uncomfortable, and too nose-heavy - its straight line performance however is mind-boggling.

Autobild Review

Watch the video (German):

E92 M3: 420PS - 400 Nm - 4.5 s - 12.8l/100km

C63 AMG: 457PS - 600 Nm - 4.6 s - 13.0l/100km

"The trick is to offer enough torque down in the rev range, yet providing peak power at very high engine speeds. The M3 engine does an excellent job at this. It's the perfect car for the race track and way better than the C63 AMG Coupe in that regard. Seating position is a bit high. There's no understeer at turn-in, and this is great. The engine loves to rev and is very responsive. However, the M3 is less suitable for daily use compared to the C63 AMG.

The C63 AMG has 50% more displacement. Its long stroke engine makes it hard to be rev-happy. It's one of the last naturally aspirated engines Mercedes-Benz offers. The C63 is easier to drive. It shows more understeer while the steering is softer and less precise than the M3's. It's meant for the streets not the race track. There's more body roll and the lack of adaptive suspension required a compromise. The automatic transmission in the C63 works well, but the double clutch transmission of the M3 is faster.

Afterall the M3 won as it's sportier and makes more fun. They considered the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe to be a tad better for daily use as it's the generally less demanding, more compliant, car.