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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
That's the key. If they replace it under warranty when it yellows, then no problems.

But I have searched for and read posts here saying that people have paid for re-wraps at 3-4 years. If the film starts to yellow at 6 years and you're out of the warranty timeframe, you're going to pay for another wrap? Is the cost difference that much from getting your bumper repainted at around the same time? I honestly don't think it is. If you're worried about resale value, that's a totally different story. I could see wrapping it. I am keeping my car though.

I would rather spend the money in modifications to improve the way the car drives than worry about a few rock chips that, when repaired the right way with touch up paint, are not noticeable to anyone else. Again, personal preference.
You need to look at some photos of others cars on here. I have seen some with hundreds of chips. That is not something you can touch up. And if you do try it at some point your paint is going to look terrible. Bottom line is some people appreciate their cars while others dont. People that do want to keep it looking new as long as possible. After all your buying a car in that already has great performance. Why let it go apprerance wise???