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Gentlemen, I'll be the guinea pig on this one.. I purchased the magnetic engine drain plug as well as the magnetic rear diff drain plug from Bavarian Auto.

I know this is off topic, but i swapped my fluids to royal purple (diff and engine) and will be changing my engine oil in approximately 500 miles. I still have an extra engine oil drain plug because i bought 2 thinking that they would fit in the forward and aft drain plugs. Let me say that they do NOT. The forward most drain plug port does not have enough clearance around the outside to secure the drain plug. It has a hex head and the drain plug does not. I just changed the aft most drain plug and hopefully it will pick up some particulates. I guess we will see. Oh, the crush washer that comes with the drain plug does not seat perfectly, so do not torque down the drain plug with too much force... No leaks so far.

The rear diff fits perfectly and the magnet is strong as shit so im sure that it will pick up particulates after time. I have a little over 50k miles on my M so i thought it would be a good time to change the rear diff.. The fluid that came out was still fairly clean, so i probably could have waited a few thousand more miles. I guess its better earlier than too late..

Hope this helps..
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