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Crazy bitch says I'm the father!

Seriously, this broad is crazy. First off, I have to give you the back-story.

This all started a year or so ago, I met this girl at a bar downtown. She was with two of her friends, and I was with my best friend since high school, William (Billie for short). So the girl is pretty hot and she has a hot friend but the third girl was a pig. Long story short, the pig left and we each got a number than night. I've been friends with Jean for about a year now, and its been cool but shes been getting clingy lately.

So fast forward to last week Billie admits to me that he loves her and shes the perfect chick, all that stuff. Whatever, I kinda laughed about it and thought nothing more of it. Totally was a type of moment.

So tonight Billie stormed in my house tonight screaming, he told her that he loved her and she rejected him and told him that she was in love with me, he yelled at her and she told him she was pregnant with my kid. So he came over here upset and with tears in his eyes demanding to know what was going on, so i told him "Billie, Jean is not my lover, shes just a girl who says that I am the one, but the kid is not my son."


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