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all good pointers but you need to consider them all to develop an effective programme / diet.

- Fat burn exercises with a heart rate monitor
- eating healthy balanced meals but note your meals can be healthy BUT still result in being too many calories for that day so you won't benefit from it.
- know how many calories you need per day (BMR - basal metabolic rate) and then decide to reduce this as a target daily intake WHILST maintaining a healthy diet.
- don't over do on fruit. people scuff fruits saying to themselves they are healthy and yes they are correct BUT they all add to your calorie intake and can quickly push you over your daily allowance you set for yourself.
- drink loads of water when you are exercising. Your body uses water to transport the fat from the fat store to the blood stream.
- keep warm. If you are trying to loose weight from a particular area eg stomach but you notice it is cold to the touch then try wearing a neoprene band or something. Your body can only use fat when it becomes water soluble - it does this when the fat is warm (can't remember the exact temperature)

Some general diet pointers
- brown carbs are better eg, brown rice, sweet potato, brown pasta, brown bread. Read up on glycemic index of foods
- STAY AWAY from smoothies. Yes made from healthy fruits BUT because they have been purified 1) your body does not use any calories to break them down and 2) because they are purified they are absorbed instantly i.e. a mad rush of sugars to the blood with the excess being stored as fat
- review your fat intake and keep it healthy. You need some good fat intake.
- you can try sugar free dilute juices. (the ones you just add water too) This is a catch 22 really. Sugar free so no sugar hence no calories BUT they do have artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners work against your metabolism and slow it down which can be counter productive.

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