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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
p-i-s-s-i-n-g c-o-n-t-e-s-t

That is all stop light races are. How many times has the M3 been considered the better overall car even when another was faster... lots. I have never understood the whole "my car can beat your car to that stop light" pissing match. I guess that when someone drives a faster car, their e-peen must be larger too

I swear that if someone invents a car that traps 150 in the 1/4 mile but only has one seat, no radio, shitty brakes, can't corner worth crap and is unreliable to boot it would still be the "coolest" car to own on the forums Not a comment about the E55 but rather the whole "which car is faster" pissing match. The significance people put on a car's speed (which, BTW, is only one of its many characteristics) is just crazy. I guess that 458 owner who lost to the SC M3 and GTR should sell his crappy ass car cause it isn't the fastest.

OP... none of this necessarily directed at you... just ranting because of the sheer number of times people make a car's power and speed the only factor that matters. It's a pet peeve

The cars will spend 95-100% of their time on the road. Roughly 5% track these cars they only track them 5% in it's lifetime. Mercs seem to fit that bill perfectly and BMW is now jumping on that boat with turbo's.