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Originally Posted by Drew1204 View Post

An update to my previous post that was moved to a the "detail etc section"

I reposted it here because that section hardly gets any views and I want your input on what this is?!

Here is a picture I took with my iPhone:

Again, it smells like a dead fish, wet cat food etc.

NO, I never spilled anything, nor did anyone else (friends, GF etc) and I am the only one that drives the car so no one could have driven it and tried to cover it up... This just showed up! I noticed a slightly weird smell when I picked up my car from the transport but it has just gotten worse...

Looks to me like some kind of fungus or something... this picture is underneath the passenger seat.

Thanks for your help

P.S. mods please don't move this thread!

P.P.S I have been driving the car for about two weeks like this, could I have any potential health risks from breathing the air of this mold / fungus?

Looks like a rotten potato. That grill is removable. Go to the dealer and buy a new one. Remove the seat and replace the grill and make sure you disinfect everything around it. Should be as good as new.