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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
What I'm wondering is what will the right be saying IF (and that's a big IF) -- IF Gadhafi agrees to step down from power, ending the conflict? What will the right say if Obama gets rid of a notorious dictator in a matter of months without getting the US involved in a decade long trillion dollar land war?

Will they say that Obama did it wrong, or will they just try to figure out a way to claim that Bush should get credit for it (like they did with Bin Laden).
^^^^^^ this.

Here we are, notorious dictator and terrorist Kadafi is obviously been removed from power in a matter of months. It was done for a fraction of the cost (in both US Soldier's lives and US cash) of full-blown US ground invasions.

The Obama policy was definitely the winning decision. Obama made the right call and stuck to it, no matter what everyone threw at him.

(Yes, I "this'ed" my own post. Deal with it.)