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Originally Posted by Miami M3 View Post
I'm still beside myself right now. This morning coming in to work on the highway I heard a strange rattle coming from the outside of the car. I looked out the side mirrors and saw nothing. Just as I look in my rear view, I see my $400 OEM carbon fiber spoiler go flying off into the middle of the highway. I can't even describe the feeling in my stomach. Needless to say I called up the guy who installed it (a very reputable guy who did great work on the rest of my car and who I won't name) and had a few words with him. The verdict: I should've gone with the betalink for the install, not 3M double sided tape. The tape failed ultimately, but I suspect it's because he wasn't able to get a good enough adhesion to the front edge of the spoiler (which is very thin and clearly not meant to be used with tape), and the wind eventually got under it and ripped it off. I've had it installed since March, and have gone 130+ without a problem, but I guess eventually it wore down and gave way. Looks like I just learned an expensive lesson in listening to OEM instructions for installation.

LESSON: Don't use double sided tape to install the OEM spoiler, use the betalink.

Sorry to hear... But your experience is one of your own/installers making as I and many others have been just fine with 3m tape...

The MOST important part of the install is prep, you MUST MUST use rubbing alcohol or similar solution and prep the area that is to be use for adhesion.

Also a good installer would seal the gap with some silllicone or something.

PM me if you want a reccomended installer...