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A number of years ago I was involved with some charity work in a poor country (not in Africa). We set up water purification systems, and it was a complete failure. The water purification systems themselves worked great. We wanted to solve a certain water-born illness, and the water purification systems were about 75% effective in stopping the illness.

The problem was that there happened to be a natural disaster that happened a year later. The religious leaders with their magical thinking blamed the water purification system which saved the lives of their young children that had been dying. They thought that it was a divine sign from the heavens, and that saving the lives of children caused displeasure and triggered the natural disaster. They quit using the water purification system, and the illness came back with a vengeance. These religious leaders with the magical thinking claimed that the return of this illness proved they were right, and that the divine forces had came back and the natural disaster wouldn't happen again.

I see the same mentality in the eyes of Rick Perry and some of the crazy religious leaders he had at his Prayer Conference/Elect Rick Perry Campaign Event. It scares the bejebus out of me.