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Originally Posted by Stainless 45 View Post
Mine has the exact same vibration you describe- @1.5k rpm. I thinks it's just a harmonic, like a range the engine doesn't like, once you're past it goes away.
That's excellent news, especially when even new cars have it; that means it's a nature of the beast . Thanks a bunch for your help.

Anybody else with their engines wanting to stall momentarily while in neutral (no A/C) with a hot engine? By the way, 6MT here, but problem could exist on DCTs. I'm stumped by that issue, but it seems like water was injected on the engine momentarily (rather than fuel), but then catches just in time before stalling. Typical ICV issues involves high and erratic idle, rather than engine almost stalling .

The other issues are minor, but hopefully somebody will chime in on the rattle and HVAC turning itself on when starting car, even when system was off before shutting down engine. Thanks again to all.