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Installed my LUX H8 v3's today and they indeed look great! Tricky to install due to the tight compartment.. found that it was easiest to insert the LUX by holding onto the tip with the LEDs and putting the heat sink end into the light box first. Then when the LUX is deep enough into the box, you can tilt it and get the tip into the socket hole. Then it was just a matter of twisting it around until the lugs engaged in the slots and it could be tightened in place. Look at the lugs before you insert it, there are three and they are all slightly different. Compare to the original bulb and you can see which way should be up on the LUX. Marking the LUX heat sink will help you orient it as well.

Once installed, I found that the power supply would rattle around in the light box and so I wrapped it in some foam to give it a snug rattle-free fit. It actually slips down past the LUX and can rest on the bottom of the light box quite nicely. The lower it is the less heat it will encounter as well is my theory.

Attached are some picture for your viewing pleasure. All in all, a very nice upgrade and the LUX is at least as bright as the factory bulbs if not brighter, and the cool white light certainly looks better then the factory yellow. Matches the headlights perfectly.

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