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Honestly for about a month im not eating almost nothing between 6am to 4pm while im in work, then normal size dinner/supper and go to sleep. Sometimes im watching some film with wife and eating chips ( yea yea i know its disaster, but i need to have some pleasure when i quit mcdonalds, KFC and burgerking couple months ago), i dont really have time to excercise at gym - i came home at 5-6pm ate dinner/supper and then going to gym is shitty here cause at this time all the big,nobrain,no dick, peanut brain bouncers and "hood strongmans" are at the gym and trust me on they are not net at all. so i have only weekends when i rode my bicycle about 6-10 miles , doctor said that with my weight - 260lb with 6,2ft and not much muscle( i dont know US standards but in EU standards im quite a big guy in term of height and weight) running is not a good idea cause my tendons may become damaged.

I look like this :

yeah yeah i know I look like a bag fuul of fat and other feces but caring for your appearance in Europe ( not including South EU cause there is hot like hell so they are naturally fit) is not so much popular as in US.