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Originally Posted by Drew1204 View Post

About two weeks ago I had my car transported in an enclosed carrier and shipped from IL to AZ.

The day I got my car back I noticed it smelled kind of weird almost like fish mixed with oil.

I thought it would just go away but it didn't.

I wanted to try waiting it out and just thought maybe something crawled up inside the engine bay or possibly SOMETHING to make my car smell this bad...

Fast Forward another week and my car literally smells like I left a rotting salmon in my car and smells disgusting--its repulsive.

I did not spill anything, never leave foot or leftovers in my car. It doesn't matter if the A/C is running or not. The smell is the worst when I first start it the next day in the morning and I have been using the feature to roll down the windows before I get in to deal with it a bit...

What the hell is this?????

Check every little crevice to make sure there isn't some kind of dead rodent or something. You may have to sniff to see where the source is. If it is coming from the carpet, maybe something foul was spilled in your car.

Good luck.
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