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Thank you guys for all positive replys. I will start INSANITY at monday and see hom much problem for me it is , and how much gain in fat burning I will get.

Another questions : what you think about chemical FAT_BURNERS like NUTREX LIPO, ANIMAL CUTS etc ?
A lot of these pills aren't approved by the FDA (in the US) or other agencies in other countries and can have pretty serious side effects. A new type of pill is always coming out claiming to be even better than the last one and containing 3 billion % of natural fat burning herb X. Most are nothing more than gimmicks and a lot of people also put weight right back on after getting off the pills.

I've looked into different pills and whatnot since I too want to start losing some weight (working 70+ hours a week sitting in a chair all day and not having time to work out is a pretty good way to gain weight). Of course I would love to be able to just pop a pill and volia! the weight is gone, but I'm not willing to take the risk of causing damage to my body by injesting a pill that doesn't have clinical scientific testing of what effects it has on me not just in the short term but the long term as well. There is a reason these things always seem to get banned after a few months.

The best way, for your body and health, to lose weight is to simply eat a healthy balanced diet and do regular exercise. Use programs like Livestrong to track the calories of what you eat and how many calories you burn from working out. If the combination of your exercise/eating equals a low calorie count you'll lose weight. Look up different types of diets that can help you acheive the goals you are looking for and pick the one that best suits your lifestyle.