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Originally Posted by Iceberg3 View Post
This thread has been really informative! I'm actually trying to choose between a 2011 M3 and a 2012 GT-R right now. There aren't any GT-R's availble to test drive at all, but so far I LOVE the M3. This decision is exceedingly difficult!
Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
What are lease monthly payments looking like?
Test drives are difficult to get on new models. Your best bet is to look for a used one to test drive or go over to NAGTROC to find someone in your area that has one.

2012 GTRs are pretty hard to come by due to their high demand and limited supply. Most 2012s sold March-May. They stopped production on the premium models recently. All the new ones hitting the dealers are the black editions. The only differences are the wheels and red accented interior, which I personally don't like. I think the premium wheels suit the car more and look more aggressive.

Unlike an m3 you are rarely going to get one much below sticker. A few premiums are floating around, mostly from dealers holding them in attempt to sell way over sticker price. If you look hard and are not picky about the color you can find one at mrsp or a little below. You can probably get a better deal if you wait for the 2013s to show up next Spring, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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