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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
I respectfully disagree

+1... I owned a paddle shifter automatic with a torque converter for a VERY short 9 month a few years ago. When I went from a 328i to my G37S coupe, I bought it in an auto (it was the only one they had and I got a great deal). Within 2 months I really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y regretted my decision. It was fast shifting and rev matched but the car felt nothing like a manual... and I mean nothing like a manual even with the paddle shifters. The M-DCT is absolutely NOTHING like a torque converter equiped auto. The M-DCT feels, acts and performs like a manual without a clutch pedal because that is exactly what it is. I knew within months I made a mistake with the G37S coupe (and traded it for a G37S coupe with 6MT)... the M3 with DCT is a different beast and an absolute keeper.

You don't have to prefer the DCT to 6MT but please do NOT compare it to a auto with torque converter... that is just ridiculous!
You do know that Audi DSG is a dual clutch system, right? This is totally different from their torque converter automatics that do also now come with paddle shifters. The Audi S4 has the dual clutch system.
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