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APracing rear hats repainting. Suggestions?


I got this issue I've posted about before with my rear hats of the APracing BBK that were discolored by wheel cleaners.

I have 3 choices and I'd like some advice.

1. Buy two new hats and re-install them with new hardware. ($300+ for both hats)

2. Uninstall them, clean and scuff up the paint, re-paint with high-temp caliper paint and re-install. Note! Stilen suggested to NOT paint the surface of the hat that mates up with the disc. That small amount of paint thickness could put the disc out of tolerance and cause issues. If I do re-paint them, will high-temp paint hold up to weathering and washing??

4. Uninstall the hats, take them to a local shop that I found that will do "Thermal Disposition" painting, which was explained to be a high-temp paint system process for engine parts such as heads, exhaust. Very durrable, long lasting. ($150 ~ $200) estimated.

Anyway, what do you all think?