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Originally Posted by Nelrock View Post
Audi DCT...not even in same ballpark. The M3's is phenominal. Nothing boring about it.
You are missing my point. I have driven M3 DCT, 3 different Porsche PDK vehicles and the Nissan GTR. The mere fact that there is no physical action for you to have to do other than blip a paddle is what makes it boring. There is nothing gratifying about the shifting experience. You can not feel through your foot when the engine and driveline begin to mesh together like you can with a proper manual. Perfecting the interplay between a shifter and a clutch in a given car is an artform, and, as I said, very satisfying when one gets it just right. I also drive with my DSC off a fair amount of the time. Again, it is very satisfying learning and modulating the car's dynamics myself, without the electronic gizmos coming into play. So while I fully appreciate the capabilities of dual-clutch automatics, I enjoy the physical interactions with the manual much more.
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