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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
My insurance is a rider with Travelers that cost around $10 per $1000 with no deductible. All locations, including international. I've got musical instrument and photography equipment coverage, both with Travelers, but the brokers were independent companies. You might call Travelers direct for an even better deal, or not.

I've only been to the Caribbean, Canada and the UK with my photo equipment, but no hassles. I imagine that your experience can vary a lot by country. Why would they think you're going to sell it? I'd guess that'd only be a worry for someone traveling repeatedly to the same country.

Thanks for the heads up on the insurance Dave.

In regards to international travel... there's a small chance of having problems, but if it happens, you'll be SOL. From what little reading I've done on this matter, apparently you have to fill out this Form 4457 for each piece of equipment you own.... what a pain in the ass.

I think the main issue is that customs might believe you purchased this equipment during the trip and haven't paid any custom fees when you bring it with you.

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