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Aside from LC mode, the car isn't going to dump the clutch for you no matter how much gas you give it abruptly from a standstill.

It can only disengage the clutch while providing a non violent launch so quickly. It takes some time for it to properly get into gear while giving it a good amount of throttle, much like it would take some decent skill to launch a 6MT so quickly, without breaking the rear tires loose or causing DSC to kick in and ruin your launch.

My car is of course not an M3, but has a very similar DCT and trying to cut oncoming traffic or change lanes on a freeway from a standstill can be a death wish. If I stomp the gas from 0, I'll get DCT transmission lag, then I'll be dealing with a fraction of turbo lag, coupled with an onrush of boost which will immediately lead to tire breakage and DSC breaking my neck forward when it cuts power...resulting in my car going nowhere with traffic coming fast at my from behind, or in front of me.