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Thumbs down Arson Attack on Monterrey, Mexico Casino: 52 Dead

Knowing that most members here are from the U.S. I´d like to raise awareness about what is going on in Mexico.

Monterrey is the second most important city in Mexico after Mexico City. It is located in northern Mexico about 300km from Laredo, TX. Yesterday it suffered what is probably the worst attack that we have had from criminal organisations in Mexico during the ongoing, 6 years+ "drug war". Armed arsonists arrived at the place (a small casino), blocked the exits and set fire to it. 52 People are dead, most of them customers of the place.

Most likely this attack is due to the fighting for territory amongst different gangs for extortion money. However, again, it takes the level of brutality to a new low.

These gangs are mostly financed from the flow of illegal drug consumption from the U.S. and mostly armed by U.S. guns. These two facts are, I am afraid, indisputable.

We have a lot of room for improvement in Mexico in many, many ways, but it is unfortunate that we are paying here with deaths everyday for something that is, in a large part, related to the hypocrisy of a society that in fact tolerates drug use and consumption while penalizing the sale of drugs, raising by orders of magnitude the profitability of the trade.

The President (of Mexico) just came on T.V. and declared 3 days of national mourning. In his speech, he called also upon U.S. citizens to reflect on their part on what is going on. Echoing that call, I ask of you:

1. To not consume illegal drugs, that money goes directly to killers and assassins that are destroying our country and we are just as human as you. I used to have a smoke of pot every now and then a few years ago. I have decided since a couple of years ago that even though I think that it is harmless and should be legal, in fact every cent that I spend related to drugs is blood money.
2. That if you believe that consuming drugs is a personal right, do the right thing and pressure on your country to legalize the trade instead of taking the easy way out and just buying what is available while ignoring where your money is going.

I know some of you may think this is Mexico´s problem because we are a bunch of corrupt idiots. We are not.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this whether you agree or not with my reflections on this subject.
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