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Originally Posted by elh0102 View Post
I have owned a 997S, a 996 GT3, Cayman S, C5 and C6 ZO6, and a E92 M3, with street and track experience in all. The GT3 was the most fun, and the most challenging to drive well. The 997 GT3 is a better street car, but thatís getting pricey. Some of your communication criteria might leave the ZO6 a little short, but it is one heck of a car, and, driven well, the fastest of the bunch. Porsche quality is good, but not commensurate with the cost, especially new. Fun on public roads at legal speedsÖ..think maybe thatís an oxymoron, but, assuming average driving ability, my guess would be the Cayman S.
Nice accurate post. I agree with everything above. For what the OP is after, the CaymanS would be the ideal car.