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Originally Posted by Justin(OKC) View Post

7) Preston Power (PPower), my brother, who really is part of the brains behind the mods that were done to the car. Who knows what color I would have gotten if I didnít have him to talk to and seek advice. Heís also responsible for the photoshoot in Tulsa, OK.
You're quite welcome. It's always good to feel like I'm spending your money. As for color, so that people can get some background, LeMans Blue was initially heavily considered, but with knowing that a CF roof was a given, it just doesn't contrast enough and highlight that feature. He was really leaning towards Melbourne Red, but he didn't want black interior. My suggestion had been to get MR and replace the seats with black leather Recaro Sportster CS. Black was completely nixed, and Space Gray w/ Fox Red was really looking like a possibility. Unfortunately for SG, it looks so different in sunlight and cloudy days that it didn't make it to the end. We ended up with my original suggestion to keep with his past history of Alpine White cars. As a fauxtographer, I'll say that the best colors for photographing would have been Melbourne Red and Space Grey. White is the absolute most difficult, but it's just so classic and clean. Black is the worst interior to shoot, so hopefully I got it a bit easier with the Red Fox extended.

As it sits, there are some decent similarities between the E36 and E90 beyond being AW M sedans. The person who first planned/executed the original mods to the E36 created what I believe is a surprisingly timeless well modified sedan. I believe it serves as a bit of inspiration to see what style can weather the changing tides of car tuning fashions over the past 13 years to hopefully create something as timeless and classic. Congratulations on the car. Hope you enjoy it long long time. (Yes, you were supposed to use a cliche AZN lady accent there.)

I'll say that my main other suggestions that haven't been approved yet are:
1) Recaro Sportster CS factory covered in Fox Red (if we could figure out how to get leather from BMW). I have Mulberry Vader seats waiting to install in the E36, so he needs some replacement seats as well. Agreed?
2) CF mirror covers to be more like an M6 or paint the attachment pieces white to accent the shape and be more like the E36 M3. Probably CF.