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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
Funny, though. I'm considering dropping my DCT to go to 6MT because I find it a bit un-involving during my daily driving. And no... it's never on D.
I think you are just getting bored period First you were looking to change to a 1M, now maybe a 6MT... I just think you are looking for a change and bored. I know the feeling as I get that way with cars too.

P.S. I bet you a $100 that you would feel the same (i.e. wishing for DCT) if you had a 6MT for a year. We always want what we don't have and we always eventually get bored of what we do have.

P.P.S. If you find an M3 uninvolving on your DD, 6MT or DCT, you aren't driving it hard enough Every day that I drive it to work, I drive it like I'm prepping for the track (in a safe, law abiding way)

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