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I looked at it

It's a nice car. Silverstone metallic with black leather interior. Also has the carbon-look leather trim on the dash. It's a 6MT with pretty much all the options. Has rear sun shades, iDrive, Premium, Cold Weather, etc.

Physical condition is very nice. There's a minor scratch on the lower bumper behind one of the rear wheels, but you really have to look to see it (they had to point it out to me.) Speaking of wheels, it's on the standard 18s, which looked completely free of road rash (if I remember correctly.). Rides well, too. Overall, a very nice car. Very clean both inside and out.

The folks at Wellesley VW were very straight forward with me when dealing with them on this car. Unfortunately, they were unwilling (unable) to come down to a price in my range. I can tell you that about 3 weeks ago they said they'd let it go for $43,750 cash out the door. They explained that they bought out the lease on this car from the previous owner so there's not much room to bargain on the price. Since then, I see they've come down $1K on price (from $44,995 to $43,995 so they probably won't come down any more, but it's worth asking.)

I was able to find a similar 2008 sedan at a local BMW dealer that had very similar equipment and was cheaper, PLUS had the benefit of being a CPO car, so I got the protection of the extended warranty. Otherwise this looks like a sweet ride.

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