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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
You cant spot target fat loss.

Your calories are extremely too low for your height/size. Women cut on that amount.

You need to find what your maintenance is and reduce calories by 10-15%, that will result in the least amount of LBM lost during a cut.

Why are you cutting at 170lbs? Why not continue your bulk to 175-180 and then cut with more LBM on you.

No way you bulked on 2500 calories, your math is wrong while counting cals.
damn i guess im gonna have to increase my calorie intake? I wasn't clear in my previous post i was 174 at one point (2 months ago) at that point I decided to cut and right now I'm at 170. I guessing it was 2500 I'm probably wrong though i just ate a lot all the time lol