Thread: Dct vs 6mt m3
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Test Drive it. DCT is much more aggressive, faster and at the same time a lot easier to deal with on a day to day basis.

It has the best of both worlds, ability to select a gear manually, ability to select a gear automatically, you also have the ability to blip the throttle on down-shifts manually or automatically, DCT you also gain an extra clutch to keep things moving mid-shift.

The 'raw' feeling you will miss is the old school left foot, engaging of the clutch, for many this is an old school must have, it's almost counter-intuitive for them to drive an 'automatic' sports car, which I assure the DCT is far from.

For the level of driver that you are *otherwise this wouldn't be a question, and the places that you will go, you are most likely dealing less with performance and more with feeling, you'll need to decide which feels better and which package is more enjoyable to drive for you.

For some it is rowing through the gears, for others it's downshifting the DCT just to hear the revs pop.