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I have a 2011 e92 m3 dct zcp and a 2009 911s with pdk and sport chrono pack. It's very difficult to tell which is faster when you drive both back to back but I've ran them head to head in every which way and the Porsche is wayyyyyyyyyy faster. The m3 falls behind pretty quickly in any kind of race. From a standstill or a roll. I drive both cars back to back all the time and in some ways the m3 FEELS faster but isn't. I believe this feeling comes from the immediate explosive throttle response, sound, and high rpm Redline but when it comes down to it the 997.2s is significantly faster. I happen to love the low seating position in the Porsche. Everytime I get back into the m3 I feel like I'm in an suv. Both cars however are a blast to drive and I give the bmw the edge in driving comfort, features and amenities, sound of the engine/exhaust and in some ways the dct transmission. The handling is a toss up. Both handle great just in different ways. The m3 feels more balanced and predictable, while the Porsche feels downright scary at times which I love. Steering and brakes are better in the 911 while ride compliance and comfort are superior in the m3. My plan was to get rid of my m3 after I purchased the Porsche but I cant bring myself to do it. I'm basically in love with both cars I just love the Porsche a bit more. Can't go wrong with either car, but I would suggest to stay away from corvettes. Sure they are powerful and fast but you need the whole package to be happy with the car in the long run. Corvettes are cheap and cheap for a reason. Cheap materials cheap parts and cheap appearance inside and out. Op, get the m3 if you haven't owned many bmw's or get the Porsche if you want to fall in love.