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WTFBBQ cost cutting thin BMW paint

So, today I decided to meter the M3's paint, and holy cost cutting BMW!

The average thickness of all panels is less than 5mils!

To put it in perspective, the E39 M5 that I also have has a paint thickness of about 6.5 mils. Well, after the paint correction it was more like low 5.5 mils.

I decided to meter the paint because I noticed that on my less than 200 mile M3, there are already micro dents on the paint. The good thing is that it's just small superficial dents on the clearcoat and that it did not go through either the clear or the paint, but WTF man!?? Do we really have to cut over 2mils of paint thickness?

Oh, and my aluminum and steel paint meter registered nothing on the fenders, what kind of composite material is it?
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