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I just sold my 911 Carrera 4S which I drove daily for many years and took to many many track days. It is a fantastic car - the steering is perfect and the handling was incredible even on the stock sport suspension (M030). I had a Tubi exhaust so the sound of the motor was wonderful, but it could have used a touch more power.

In terms of a comparison: my 2011 E92 M3 is much faster, and it pulls hard all the way to the red line. The ride in the M is softer and the steering less communicative.

In my opinion (between the two cars I've owned):
"Toss-able" and "laser-like reflexes" - the 911 wins hands down.
Storage - M3
Power - M3 (the v8 is ridiculous)
Gearbox - draw
Comfort as a DD - M3 (better bluetooth, quieter interior)
There are compromises with every car... I think the closest you can get to a perfect DD that you can track, have a blast driving every day, and still seat more than 2 people are the M3, 911, and GTR (the M3 being the most usable of the 3).

It also depends on taste. I love the Z06 vette, but some people hate the interior enough to sell because of it. I love the Exige, but some people cant stand the ingress/egress due to the high sills and sell the car for something more comfortable.

All the cars you are looking at are bitchin' machines. Drive them all. You'll know which one is right!
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