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Originally Posted by piloto View Post
Why wait for a "pro" to answer? I think the answer is pretty simple. It's a system, so you've now left the 2 small lines as the "weak" links. However, if you leave them as they are and replace everything else with stronger lines, then the amount of volume increase (something undersired) due to expansion in diameter of the line when under pressure will be reduced. Whether that reduction is sufficient, or whether that reduction would be significantly better with the 2 lines replaced depends on multiple variables, including the condition of your lines, your sensitivty in feel, to the temperature in the system at various locations (e.g. at the piston), the fluid, the age and condition of the fluid, etc.
That's taking it a little far. Its just brake lines...I was just curious is anybody who has any experience with both could give there 2 cents thats all. Honestly those 2 lines are so small I bet it can't be felt at all but still I don't like doing things half assed. If the kit I wanted was not back ordered I wouldn't have even posted this.