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Wondering what happened to your M3. I have 08M3 as well with 14k miles on her. I have some cosmetic mods but my car is purely stock from mechanical stand point. 3 weeks ago, my engine blew up while cruising at 70 mph on a highway. The service center was trying to blame it on me saying it's due to over-revving and say I need a new engine and it won't be covered under warranty. I ensured them I never over-revved the car or mis-shifted. They decided open up the engine. After diagnosis on the opened up engine, they changed their mind and they are working on getting new engine installed on my M3. Now I just found out that the engine they are installing is a refurbished engine.
I'm wondering if the service center has done the same for you. Also does anyone know if the refurbished engine are rebuilt by BMW? I'm just so pissed at how BMW is handling all this.