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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
Not sure why you doubt the veracity of my post. It's not like I'm asking if I'd be happy moving from a 1992 Honda Civic to a 2011 M3. The e46 ZHP is regarded by many as a future classic 3-series with great handling, looks, etc. and equal or better than some e9x cars in some categories.

Sure, any of the e9x cars have more hp than my ZHP, but there's more to a car than raw hp and how fast you can get to 60 in a straight line. For example, I drove a 550i and it was a boat. Sure the engine is huge, but the car drove like a 1985 Oldsmobile (exaggeration). The 335i I drove was ok, but the additional hp didn't translate into a better car for me. It didn't seem so much faster than the ZHP and the high steering ratio made it handle worse. So I really don't see how it is strange to ask if the supposedly best handling car in the 3-series will work for me.

I don't know about you, but I don't pick a car just based on the engine output.
330i ZHP is in no way comparable to the M3. If you're talking a E46 M3 vs a E90 M3, you have a different argument.

The 330i has less power, the handling is no where even close, lacks a LSD, no oil coolers, can't fit big rubber for grip like an M3.

If the M3's only difference was power and weight, then you might have an argument but the M3 is not just additional power and weight. As it is, the ZHP is always in the shadow of the M3 in terms of performance. The ZHP is not a "future classic", there's nothing in the car that the E46 M3 doesn't have or has more of.