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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Using the well put together OEM LW battery swap DIY from Doba_s and trusting that Lemans_Blue_M was right about the MC/CSL battery being a direct OEM type fit, I figured why not, 24 lbs is a nice savings for 130 bucks. Here's the link on Doba's LW Battery Swap/Removal, etc.

I ran a LW Braile battery in my E46 Supercharged M3 and if the car sat for more than 1 day, it would not start, etc. So I had no plans on using it on the E92. But the OEM MC/CSL battery should yield enough power, and is a nice compromise for some WR.

OEM Battery on the scale.

Mini Cooper/CSL Battery on the scale.

OEM and CSL/MC batteries next to the Braile.

The OEM bracket is bolted into the appropriate place, NO AM bracket is needed, OEM fitment FTW!

The Drain is a perfect fit and placement as well.

Finshed, sure enough it's a perfect OEM fitment!

Got it in my E36 track car ,awesome and i leave the car in the garage for 6-8 weeks and starts right up.