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Originally Posted by img View Post
This is not a good comparison and unfortunately doesn't prove anything. The DCT in the 335 has a different 2nd gear, and the final drive ratio is totally different. The M3's in the video have double the WHP as the 335's. The comparison is about as apples to oranges as you can get -- the only links between them are the letters "BMW" and "DCT" -- everything else is different.
Ugh, I say let's move to a different thread and then I get sucked back in.

Absolutely disagree. This is much more apples to apples than the cases you guys are coming up with to support your claims. The MT and M-DCT in the M3 have completely different total effective gear ratios (gear ratio x final drive). But ultimately that does not matter (partly as you saw with your typo gear ratio error!). However, in the 335 case, you are at least guaranteed to a factory tolerance level that the cars ARE putting down identical peak powers. This is something very poorly controlled and lacking in all of the dynojet and other dyno work. You should know as well as any (and as PG himself has pointed out) dynos can be subject to large manipulations or errors. I'm not calling out anyone in particular, owners, dyno owners, etc. It just is nowhere near factory repeatable and thus CAN be subject to large errors.
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