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PG caught a really small mistake in the CarTest data posted last
night. He noticed that 4th gear listed on the DCT in the CarTest
data was incorrectly set at 1.29:1 instead of 1.39:1. So he
corrected the gear ratio and re-ran the simulations. No real
difference -- only about 0.01 seconds in the 1/4 mile, and 0.02
MPH in the 1/4 mile. The charts posted above are now updated with
the corrections -- no need to repost them again, or give a new set
of numbers since the differences are insignificant.

Originally Posted by per
I donīt belive that the difference is so big as the
Vbox race above claims in real life.
We did some testing at a M5board event with my 335 DCt vs 335
We had the same settings on the procedes and similar mods, take a
look .The white car is my old car with DCT, Big tom is driving the
manual, he shifts real fast.
This is not a good comparison and unfortunately doesn't prove
anything. The DCT in the 335 has a different 2nd gear, and the
final drive ratio is totally different. The M3's in the video
have double the WHP as the 335's. The comparison is about as
apples to oranges as you can get -- the only links between them
are the letters "BMW" and "DCT" -- everything else is different.

The vBox race above is NOT a simulation -- it's the actual car's
performance according to the vBox, but animated into a video.
What you see in the video, is exactly what would have happened if
those two cars met on the pavement. If you have vBox files of
your M5board event between these two cars, then send them to me,
and I'll have PG make them into a video as well.

PG told me that on his next vBox Racer video, he'll compare a
Gintani Stage-3 low comperssion motor against Drew's ESS VT2-625.
This comparison will be interesting because it should really give
the critics much less reason to doubt. Both cars were dyno'd at
the same dyno on the same day only hours apart; and their vBox
files come from the same exact stretch of road. So the critics
can't complain about different dynos, different weather or
different days on the dyno, or a different road. We already know
from DLSJ5 that he beats the Gintani stage-3 that has 60+whp more
but is 6MT. But until we see the video, we won't know how many
car lengths the DCT with 60whp less beat the Gintani Stage-3 6MT.