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Originally Posted by mase View Post
Here is all I know: based on hundreds of people's experiences in different forums, you have to apply online, wait to receive the card, activate it, THEN call membership rewards, in this order. This is the method gleaned from the web and posted in the first post.

There's one guy in this thread that applied over the phone for some reason and eventually got the promo, but I've never heard of that happening before. There's low likelihood that you'll get points this way.

exactly. I haven't found anyone complaining about STILL not getting it. people with difficulties, but noone that didn't eventually get it.

you guys have to realize the way it works. The CSR can't activate it before you sign up (or even afte rimmediate sign up). They're going to say no on the spot simply because they're lazy.

you need the same lazy person when you call to activate the code. If they want to b esticklers they'll enforce the activation code, you just need the lazy person who wants to get you off the call and clicks the couple checkboxes.