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Premier Protective Films

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Here is to reiterate some commonly asked questions and info about our installs:

Satin Guard or clear paint protection film:
1. installation is the key especially when it comes to full body or panel wraps.
2. how is it different from other companies? Our installs (be it clear or Satin Guard) is that we tuck and wrap with minimal seams. Parts are disassembled from vehicle to obtain the most OEM look possible.

9500ci Laser Jammer / Radar Detector
1. We remove front and rear bumpers for the following reasons:
a. to properly secure and mount the detector and jammers
b. to wire up the unit to maintain integrity of OEM wire placement
c. to place the jamming sensors out of visible sight (most of the 9500ci installs on the market are done so with the units installed visibly protruding from front bumpers. The rear jammer are typically screwed onto the two screws of the license plate bracket. Our install has it integrated into license plate frame.

2. Our displays can be installed to look OEM to anyway the customer wants.

Diamond Fusion Windshield Protection Film
1. This clear protective film has a rating of 83% VLT (visible light transmission), which is equivalent to the factory windshield shade.
2. Our installs will require removal of wipers and moldings to attain the most seamless application possible. This will better protect the windshield from road debris.