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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
thanks for the correction.

Movie was correct regarding "bombing". BMW engines were used in Do-17 bomber aircrafts, the backbone of the bomber fleet for the Luftwaffe. though I wouldn't say "time" was the reason why Germany lost the Battle of Britain, i argue equipment and manpower shortage. Also implying a better BMW aircraft engine could have made the difference is also a stretch, the majority of aircraft engines were manufactured by Junkers during WWII, BMW was only working on a long range design and a turbojet which everyone else was working on as well.
I also think another major factor in them losing the Battle of Britain is due to the tactics that Hitler was using. In the beginning stages of the battle I believe that Germany was starting to gain an advantage over Britain due to concentrating their efforts on knocking out the radar stations and airfields along the English Channel, but after a British bombing run at night bombed Berlin, Hitler was infuriated by it and ordered the Luftwaffe to start bombing London and other major cities. If they would have continued to bomb the airfields, then the whole course of the war might have been very different. Sorry big history buff.

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