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Originally Posted by ///My5UV View Post
Hmm... given how you say you drive, I think the perf. tune is a waste of time, but one question... did they indeed replace a sensor, or just reflash all your modules and declare victory? If the later, I suspect the CEL will return next time the sensor goes out of whack.

Your experience is an example of why I have my "no major service within 3 days of going on the road or to the track" rule. Because if something can go wrong, it definitely will.

Good luck! Hopefully the trunk gremlin will work itself out.
Honestly I don't really own a M3 to drive fast. I want that V8 engine sound and exhaust (looks as well). And yes they did both; replaced the sensor and reflashed.

Originally Posted by llis View Post
I've had software glitches. One time it took two overnight downloads to get the update to fix the DCT sluggishness issues, as well as to get BMW Assist functions to work. From what I can gather, it seems my car had firmware issues with the head unit or a component of it. I'm guessing here. But I can say that doing a fresh reinstall of software is kind of a standard procedure for a glitchy system that is throwing mysterious errors. As noted above, patches can fail unexpectedly.

Another interpretation of the dealer's question: Do you have an custom tuning here? ... because if you don't stop me, I'm going to overwrite everything. A master mechanic who's been around a while may know enough from sound/feel of the car (as OP apparently went by) to sense something is different and ask before deleting a customer's mod. Could have been simply a courtesy call to ask, not anything like an accusation.
Yeah I am sure they know I tuned the car, that's why they questioned me. They were test driving the car after the sensor was replaced and the CEL came. Pretty sure they felt my car had a different feel than stock after that 8 mile test drive. They could not void my warranty because I denied tuning the car. They could not find any trace of the tune being done anyway.

Just an update, my car is on its way to Vegas right now by Intercity Lines. I have to say it's a great company to work with. I might go to a dealership near Vegas to fix the trunk issue. That will be another week though