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YES! That is it. I was searching Forester under IMDB, but it is Forrester... You would think the search engine would be a bit more forgiving. See, my friend is currently pissed at some neighbors he has that both own BMW's. He, being a previous E30 M3 owner but now current Grand Cherokee soccer dad, gets agitated when folks talk like they know everything about their car but when asked what BMW stands for or what the Roundel symbolizes and they don't know, he gets bent.

My thing is that not all folks are enthusiasts like some. I don't ask every VW or Ford or Dodge or Harley owner what the history of their vehicles company is. I wouldn't expect them to know it. SO, I blame this movie for making everyone think that they know oh so much about BMW and use this little line from this flick to try to punk someone out. AND if you don't know the aviation background to BMW then you are just a douche bag flaunting his mad moniez...

You see? (I did like the flick and that scene was pretty good)
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