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I won't do anything to your car.


You look worried,
like I'll do something to your car.

I worry about this car everywhere.
Don't take it personally.

It's just a car, man.

No, it's not "just a car." It's a BMW.

Anyone who knows anything
about that company...

...knows that it's more than "just a car."

Anybody who knows about that company?

So I wouldn't know anything like that.

No, that's not what I meant.

Last thing I knew about BMW...

...was it made plane engines
when it first started.

A guy by the name of Franz Popp
started it all.

Franz Popp. I like that name.

Made this one engine before .
It flew six miles up.

Popp and his boys
were just getting started.

They made this one engine, the
World War II, cylinders...

... horsepower, seven miles up.

With more time, they'd have bombed
the shit out of England...

...maybe even won the war.

That's where this comes from.

White propeller zipping around a blue sky.

After the war, we told them
they couldn't make plane engines.

That's when BMW
gave some serious thought to making cars.

Kind of like this one.

You probably knew all that,
seeing as you lease one.

Thanks for the history lesson.

No problem, man.