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If you can, unhook both sensor arms from their linkage at both the front and the rear axle.

Switch the car's electronics on (or just start the engine) and turn on the headlights. You should be able to move the headlight aim point up and down by moving the sensor arms up and down at the front and rear. If there's no motion, then something's broken. If the headlights move then the sensors are working correctly and you just have to readjust the lights once it's all reconnected.

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Bumping an old thread.

Does anyone have pics of the wrong way? Mine looks like the pics in hhlou's post and my headlights are still fixed pretty far down. The sensor level (with the cross hatch) is almost parallel with the floor with the wheel off the ground.

I checked the fronts and it's attached too.

Maybe I just need to adjust the lights up? I never drove the new car with the stock suspension since I had the dealer drop the car off at the shop to swap things over.