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Originally Posted by Watwood View Post
Admittedly I know nothing about airline mile conversions. If I go through with all of this and have 75000 airline miles, what is a $ conversion for the price of a ticket? I clicked "Book Skymiles Award Ticket" on Delta and it showed the number of miles it took for each ticket I was looking at. Is that all that's needed?

Appreciate it.
For most airlines, 25k miles gives you a free roundtrip ticket anywhere in the continental US, 50k gives you a free international roundtrip. There are some exceptions like Hawaii is sometimes 30-35k and Caribbean can be 35-40k.

BA is great because you can get 112.5k miles out of it, and you can book free award flights on any of their partners like AA, Cathay, etc. However they tend to have high tax/fuel surcharges. You get the transfer bonus directly from membership rewards site.

Delta is a really good deal because you get 112.5k miles AND 25k elite qualifying miles, so you get Medallion status - you get free automatic seat upgrades if available as well as for your companions, priority boarding, no baggage fees etc. Point transfer site.